Foreclosure Properties

Properties and homes in the foreclosed lists, banks or short sale listings are devalued because lenders want to do away with them before they finally lose their values. They are focusing on a return of their investments even if this means being paid less than what they have put in.  Therefore, when purchasing a home from any foreclosure listing, one pays only 70 to 80 percent of its actual value. As the ownership is turned over, one can increase the value and later put it in the market for a good resell price.

Maui Property Services (MPS) understands the importance of making sure your property gets the most value in this real estate market.  While getting a good deal on a foreclosed home may be easy, preparing the property to increase appraisal value can be overwhelming. Let MPS take the tedious home preservation projects out of your hands and help you increase the value and allurement of your property.

Whether you plan to live in the home, rent it out, or resell in the near future, MPS is here to enhance your investment.  One of the benefits of getting a great deal on the purchase price of a foreclosed home is that there may be room in your budget for home improvements.  When you choose us, you are making the investment in yourself that is both rewarding & profitable.  You can have the confidence that your home preservation projects will be done correctly and efficiently.

Just remember, don’t sell your home “as is!” With the help of Maui Property Services, you can have your home’s market value increase over the value of your investment. Investing a little into your property, you can increase the sales price by thousands.  Call today to get an assessment of your property and see how we can help you protect, increase and preserve your property collateral.